Together to raise the products and services qualtative standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hanson Research is the first and most long-lived engineering company specialized in the dissolution test technology.

Through the research, the big experience and competence, Hanson Research industry plans very high-quality systems for the dissolution testfor the topical testing and the transdermal test to be used both in QC and R&S laboratories.

With passion and dedication Hanson contributes to guarantee the purity, security and conformity of its pharmaceutical products, through testing equipments and industrial techniques which guarantee the highest quality, innovation and long-term value standards.

For all these reasons the Hanson Research is nowadays the worldwide leader in the dissolution field for the quality, solutions, simplicity, effectiveness and certainty of its results.

RM-Solutions is a young and dynamic firm born from Roberto Musella’s consolidated and now twenty-years-old experience.

Greatly inserted in the Centre-South pharmaceutical firms market, the industry carries out at a high level the, the job of Representation Agency and Exclusive Dealer of leading brands in the medical, pharmaceutical, food industry and in laboratories field.

After a careful testing of the market and its attendant competitors, in Febrary 2015 the RM-Solutions signs the sole agent with the Hanson Research for the importatation of their products in Italy.

With this new Partenrship we are sure of our very high quality (both of products and the offered services) for these equipment users’ benefit.